Grace Torrellas Joins dexFreight Advisory Team

March 5, 2019. dexFreight is proud to announce its most recent addition to the team. Let us introduce you to Grace Torrellas, a Blockchain advocate and Co-founder of the Blockchain for Humanity (b4H) foundation, Giveth and Blockchain4Good Rocks. Grace is not only an Ecosystem developer and a technology expert, but also a humanitarian leader who sees blockchain as a legitimate tool to make the world a “better place.”

Her passion for community building led her to be recognized by Bilanz as a “Digital Shaper 2018”, an award that acknowledges the top 100 heads of Switzerland who are at the forefront of digitization.

“We were lucky to meet Grace back when dexFreight was little more than an idea, at the time she was leading one of the first and most successful marketing companies in the space focusing solely in blockchain projects, helping them raise millions of dollars in crowdfunding,” said Hector Hernandez, dexFreight Co-founder. “Since then her invaluable and disinterested advice has played a big role in the dexFreight conception and early traction, so it is with great joy that we formally welcome her to our team”

Grace is an industrial engineer from Florida International University, with studies in advanced project management from Stanford University and a masters in business administration, innovation, and entrepreneurship from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

“It is with great pleasure that I join the advisory team, I have witnessed the dexFreight seed germinate with the relentless drive of the founding team who pulled together the most experienced industry experts to shape dexFreight’s future. No doubt that dexFreight will become the platform that democratizes logistics and transforms supply chain” said Grace on her new role at dexFreight.

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