dexFreight Updates: July 2018

Are you curious about what’s going on with dexFreight? We thought about sharing with you the most important highlights for July:


  • Released whitepaper on decentralized logistics. (download dexFreight’s whitepaper)
  • Received several media mentions in posts explaining why security tokens are the next big fundraising mechanism.
  • Signed a letter of intent for transactions with ConsolFreight.
  • Started pitching to angel investors, family offices, and to VCs in the space.
  • Worked on the back-end and front-end development of the identity and carrier/shipper modules for the MVP. We are right on track to finalize MVP during Q3 2018.
  • Published a light paper on machine learning applications in dexFreight’s decentralized logistics platform.
  • Our CEO presented “Blockchain 101” and took part in a panel discussion at the Automated Vehicle Symposium in San Francisco. The panel talked about the use of blockchain technology in AV space.
  • Welcomed new developers to the team.

We are excited about what comes next for the company and eagerly waiting to start working with the community to shape the future of global logistics!

Thank you for all the support. Please help us spread the word about dexFreight.