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dexFreight is centered around fixing the global logistics problems
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A Network-Platform designed for the Logistics Industry

We focus on coordination, traceability, and efficiency

dexFreight is advancing the logistics industry by offering a multi-sided collaborative, network-platform that allows shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers to move goods faster, with full visibility and lower costs.

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dexFreight’s First Truckload Powered by Blockchain

Why dexFreight, Why now?

The industry has not evolved! Logistics is highly uncoordinated and fragmented. Most alternatives are not solving the core problems, but extracting value, adding unnecessary, value-extracting layers.

Existing platforms do not communicate with one another. There is no visibility over the process, and high associated costs to access the technology.

Logistics is our bread and butter! That is why dexFreight facilitates workflow automation and transparent collaboration to move goods more efficiently.

Universalized Interactions

We are building the universal decentralized, open-source network that enables collaboration and facilitates the coordinated movement of goods while bringing liquidity to the supply chain.

Logistics Expertise

We understand the complexities of the industry. Our aim is that our core network platform enables all logistcs actors to co-exist on a single integrated system.


The first step towards a real collaborative ecosystem. We digitize, coordinate, track, and optimize the exchange of value for FREE.

System Integration

dexFreight is built with full integration by design. We offer a single interface that integrates with all current systems to provide seamless interaction.

Collaboration, Not competition

A community driven platform that embraces a new era where cooperating and integrating give us far better benefits than competing.

Technology that is ready to improve the industry

Machine Learning

Enables load optimization by reducing empty loads

Auditable and Traceable

Completely traceable chain of custody to minimize risks of loss and theft

Smart Vouchers

Blockchain powered incentives to align community oriented efforts

Virtual Consolidation

Removing data silos via incentives alignment

Decentralized Systems

Using smart contracts and deFi payment to significantly reduce and increase liquidity

Artificial Intelligence

Enhanced shipment processing personalized to meet your needs

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We are delighted to have a small selected group of industry experts, be the first to test our beta version. We understand your pain points, that’s why your feedback means a lot to us.

*Limited to the first 100 Early Adopter sign-ups.

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