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A Trust Layer Sorely Lacking in the Logistics Industry

dexFreight is powered by an ecosystem of open source protocols using smart contracts and machine learning to deliver unprecedented visibility, transparency and a trust layer that is sorely lacking in today’s logistics process.

The platform features an industry-first blockchain-based verified identity and objective reputation system that allows shippers and carriers to meet, find business and negotiate deals in a peer-to-peer marketplace with less friction.

Awards & Achievements

Recognized for two consecutive years as one of the most innovative and disruptive freight technology companies by FreightWaves

dexFreight is a proud Alumni of the 500 Startups Growth Program Miami 2019

Why Blockchain?

Sovereign Identity

User managed identity

Digitized Transactions

Use of smart contracts for immutable rate negotiations and workflow tracking

Smart Contracts

Using untampered data shared with counterparties

Objective Reputation

Smart contracts driven reputation system

Peer to Peer

Direct collaboration between all actors in the supply chain

Monetize Data

Users own the data and get compensated for sharing it

Tokenized Payments

Instant, cross-border payments

Third-party Apps

Ready for app integrations and developer community

Low Cost

More money for carriers and less cost for shippers

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Logistics is one of the largest and most complex industries, touching the lives of almost every individual around the globe. dexFreight understands that a single company will not solve every problem in this immense industry, this is why we want to develop a collaborative environment. We welcome new ideas, partnerships, and contributions, and with your help, we will make a real impact in the global logistics community!

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